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Anagama kiln firing in October, and Fourth Term Classes

We are firing the anagama at the start of October in preparation for our December sale. We are firing earlier in the spring than normal as we are concerned about the fire risk over this coming summer. The fourth term of our classes begins towards the end of October, please contact us for more details. We are proposing a Wednesday class as well as our existing Tuesday and Saturday classes.

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Welcome to Old Saint Luke's Studio and Gallery

The pottery at the old Saint Luke's Church is the studio of Ian Jones and Moraig McKenna.

Our passion is wood-fired ceramics, produced in our 9 metre long anagama kiln.


Visitors are welcome to visit the gallery when the signs are out, or by appointment (phone 0413301918).

We are in the studio most days of the week.

We host 3 open studio sales every year in May, August and December see Latest news for the dates.